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Periodontal Treatment

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Brighton Family Dental provides Periodontal Treatment in Buffalo, NY

Most people have heard of gum disease or gingivitis. When a patient has gum disease treatment is required.

Why would I need Periodontal Treatment?

Gingivitis, or gum disease, is caused by a buildup of plaque deposits on the teeth. Plaque is composed of bacteria, mucus, and food debris that attach to the teeth. Plaque buildup contributes to tooth decay.

It is important to remove plaque daily through brushing and flossing as well as scheduling regular dental checkups and cleanings. In the event that you have gum disease it is important to treat it right away.

How Does Periodontal Treatment Work?

There are three basic approaches to periodontal treatment.

1) Nonsurgical Treatment: The dentist will normally start here. This will include scaling and root planning. Root planning will remove tartar and bacteria from the gum line and also could involve the use of antibiotics.

2) Surgery: Surgery would only be performed if the nonsurgical method was insufficient.

3) Tooth Restoration: The teeth might be worked on to improve function. Crown Lengthening and Dental Implants are often done here.