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Root Canals

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Root Canal procedures in Buffalo, NY

Brighton Family Dental provides root canal treatment in the Buffalo, Kenmore, and Tonawanda areas.

Getting a root canal can be scary for many because of the many negative stories about them from others that have had the procedure.  Today’s dentists employ modern painkillers and getting a root canal can be a pain free procedure that usually takes between 1-3 visits.

Symptoms that you may need a Root Canal

1. You have a tooth that is causing you pain or has a history of causing pain. The pain in your tooth could indicate nerve exposure which is a sign you would need a root canal.

2. Tenderness of the gums around your teeth or swelling near your tooth. This could indicate an infection inside your tooth which would require a root canal procedure.

You might need a Root Canal, even with no symptoms

Some people needing a root canal have no symptoms that they notice. The only way your dentist will know is to take x-rays of your teeth. If they see a dark spot at the tooth’s root they will know you need a root canal.

Goals of a Root Canal procedure

The goal of a root canal procedure is to remove the diseased, infected tissue from your tooth. Root Canals are common and have a high rate of success. By removing the diseased tissue you will be in less pain and feel healthier long term. The purpose is to also save your original tooth! Before root canals the only option was tooth extraction.