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Tooth Extractions

 Adults, Teens, and Children
General Dentistry

Tooth and Teeth removal services in Buffalo, NY

A tooth extraction is the dental procedure where a tooth is removed from the mouth. Tooth extractions are only done by Brighton Family Dental is the circumstances warrant it.

Some of the reasons why Tooth Extractions are performed:

1) Wisdom teeth have only partially emerged or the dentist determines that they could cause dental problems in the future. The wisdom teeth need to be pulled.

2) Tooth decay is so severe that extraction is necessary.

3) Abscessed tooth needs to be removed that is hurting the gums surrounding the tooth.

The Tooth Removal Procedure - What To Expect:

Before the tooth is removed the dentist will provide an anesthetic to the area to prevent pain while the tooth is being removed. If there is need to replace the tooth an implant, denture, or bridge will be placed in the place where the tooth was removed.

After the surgery it is important to follow Brighton Family Dental’s further instructions. It is also important that you do not smoke or engage in intense physical activity. It is recommended that you take all pain killers as prescribed and wash your mouth with salt water several times a day 24 hours after the surgery to reduce swelling. Typically most patients are fully back to normal in a few days.