My Tooth is Loose!

Dr. Isaac Schour and Dr. Maury Massler wrote a paper in 1941 called “The Development of the Human Dentition.” Not much has changed as far as the sequence of tooth eruption.

Babies have to contend with the pain as the new teeth break through the gums. As each tooth comes in, the gums become very irritated and inflamed. A cold teething ring may help reduce the pain.

Eruption times (time when teeth come in) vary in children even within the same family. The bottom front teeth are usually the first to come in at around 8-12 months. The other baby teeth come in over time all the way until age 3.

The soreness in the gums does not only happen in infants but as we lose our baby teeth. Older children can usually take the pain when baby teeth come out because they are rewarded by the tooth fairy. The first primary (baby) teeth fall out about age 6, again this varies in children. As the jaws grow, the baby teeth roots dissolve from the pressure of the permanent teeth coming in. This process continues into the teenage years. If a primary tooth is lost too early, either from decay or trauma, a space maintainer may be recommended to prevent crowding so the permanent tooth can take its rightful place.